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ยท One min read
Fabio Russo

Change Language

  • Added success for setLanguage graphQl


  • Added success for signout graphQl

User Data

  • The CronoUser provider is now exporting all data from the getLoggedUser graphQl call
  • useCronoUser is now exporting also the getLoggedUser query refetch and loading
  • not exporting refetchUserLanguage anymore, because It's in refetchLoggedUser
  • added all data for regions and countries

Crono Package

ยท One min read
Fabio Russo

Crono Boost

  • is now possible to add customUri to CronoBoost. You can set a new URI different from the Matchplat Dev or Production ones
  • Dev and Production URI are exportable from an object called uri


  • the function now redirects to SSO with a query paramenter landing, containing the URL of the current page

Crono Package

ยท One min read
Fabio Russo

This can cause problems on actual tables since now TableRow has default values for color and size.
Probably some TableHead components will now look different.
Add <TableRow color="main" /> in Heads, to fix.

Table Row

  • you can add size prop now, default is article (childrens will inherit)
  • you can add color prop now, default is dark (childrens will inherit)

Crono Package